The Topa, TX Chili Cook-Off

11F 5M
By Kevin Paris
Unit Set
Full Length Comedy

It’s the 7th Annual Topa, TX Chili Cook-Off and people from across the state have come to Topa in hopes to win this year’s prize-$5,000 and a contract with chili mogul J.D. Chilingsworth that guarantees to have the prize-winning chili sold across the Lone Star State. Charlene “Cookie” Buckwright is one of the many that have gathered at the Topa fairgrounds, a family tradition since she was a baby. After the death of last year’s champion, Leticia Gomez, Cookie is the favorite to win this year’s chili competition. However, one thing stands in her way-Luanne McCloud.

These two former contestants in the Miss Chili Bean Pageant and childhood friends have long been rivals for reasons no one really knows. With their cabins next door to one another the duo has always been quick to throw sharp insults at each other, but this year is different. With so much on the line and rumors that Luanne had been spending time with the late Ms. Gomez in order to get her hands on her chili recipe, this year it is war!

Caught between the two women are their families and friends who often have to keep the peace. But is there more to this than just chili? Both women are successful in life and committed to their families, but both have secrets that could very well compromise everything they hold dear. Through a series of hilarious and tender events everything is brought to light and a new champion is announced.

The set can be as large or a simple as the designers choose. It is the front of three cabins which share a common courtyard.

$75 per performance



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