The Naked Truth



“a comedy without tan lines”

2F 3M
Full Length Comedy
(Mature Audiences)
Unit Set
By Rich Orloff

THE NAKED TRUTH is a comedy about a reserved couple from Ohio who inherit a clothing-optional resort in Key West. The staff includes a front desk clerk who’s an aspiring drag queen and a female handyman who moonlights as a dominatrix. Overwhelmed by the lifestyles of the resort’s staff and guests (straight, gay and beyond), the couple is forced to face questions of what they believe and who they really are. In short, it’s a sex comedy with more than sex on its mind.

“A descendant of the well-crafted comedies that used to be the staples of American theater.”
– New York Theater Now

“A refreshing new comedy.  A rare gem of a comedy that makes us think seriously about our relationships even as we laugh at them.”
– Show Business Weekly

“Incredibly funny!  A lot of honest laughs, outlandish antics and perfectly timed one-liners.”
– Theater Online

“A lark of a romp, good gag after good gag.  Rich Orloff is a funny writer.”
– Lively Arts

“Entertaining, with something a little deeper… told with humor, caring, and a small dash of glitter.”
– OffOffOnline

“Hilarious.  It keeps the laughs coming.”
      – Portland Press Herald

$75 per performance


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