Freedom, Texas

Freedom, Texas
5M 2F
Full Length Comedy
Unit Set
By Michael Halperin

1953. Eighteen year-old Jewish college dropout Steve Weisbart travels from Los Angeles to Freedom, Texas for an unlikely job as a disk jockey/announcer with a small, run down, marginally profitable 1000 watt daytime radio station in the Panhandle that specializes in broadcasting to passing semis on their way to deliver cattle in Oklahoma. The small town has its share of greed, lust and even some goodness. Through a misunderstanding the station gives him a non-ethnic name. Steve attempts to fit in to a town where he’s the only Jew except for the pharmacist who doesn’t want to come out of the closet. Steve discovers that not all is as it appears in Freedom whose very name is a clue to its past and future.

$75 per performance


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