Bound for the Outer Banks

Bound for the Outer Banks
7F 5M
Full Length Comedy
By Alicia Lane Dutton

Following the death of her parents, Ella Barrantine has to face the world with only five hundred dollars to her name, the only amount her aunt would advance from her inheritance. She moves to Biloxi Mississippi where she befriends a prostitute named Miss Foxy while selling her blood at a plasma center. After a relationship with Dante Vitali, whom she meets at a Biloxi casino, she’s now a woman on the run from him and his “associates” in The Sacred Crown, one of Italy’s most notorious criminal organizations. Ella is the star witness in Dante’s federal trial and is being hidden in safe houses around the country. This time she is headed to the Outer Banks. On Roanoke Island, Ella meets Lacey Montauk, a fearless southern entrepreneur, and her two employees, twins Desiree and Tanqueray. The girls share everything from dead possum problems to designing their ball gowns for The Peacock Ball. An agent has been assigned to keep an eye on the star witness because Ella has something Dante needs and will stop at nothing to get. She just doesn’t know what it is.

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