3F 2M
Full Length Comedy
Unit Set
By Kara Emily Krantz

Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if it could talk? Well, we get to hear the inner musings of two very different dogs when brought together by their owners for the first time in this hysterical hit.

“-ingenious, endearing, uproariously funny, slyly written, giddy, witty and impeccably acted gem of a comedy.”
– Worcester Telegram and Gazette

“It’s obvious Krantz takes sheer joy in her story; that degree of warmth and affection for her characters is infectious. This is destined to be a crowd pleaser.”
–  Matthew WeaverNew Play Exchange

Pure pleasure and delight and sheer JOY jumping off the page, Krantz has created a seriously sweet and heartfelt little play. There is SO MUCH room for physical humor in this piece and the hilarious characters of Eugene and Bella jump off of the page. This would be an absolute audience favorite and would be sure to sell plenty of tickets. There are lots of misunderstandings, lots of bratty dog antics, and plenty of ridiculousness from all characters involved, but the sweet, earnest heart of it is what makes this play really special. Well done, Krantz! 
–  Emily Hageman


$75 per performance


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