Mr. Hartwell’s Christmas



Mr. Hartwell’s Christmas
5M 1F 1boy 1girl
One Act
Unit Set
By Bob Rinfret

Howard Hartwell has been playing a dept. store Santa, at Mr. Carter’s Dept. store for many years. This year, however, has taken it’s toll on Mr. Hartwell and he’s decided to find his holiday cheer in a bottle. Not amused with his choice, Mr. Carter unceremoniously fires him and shows him the back door. Sitting there, he is approached by two needy kids who point to an old sack next to him and ask “Santa” for a small gift each. He tries to explain that the sack is empty, but when he reaches inside, miraculously, the gifts they asked for appear. He repeats this miracle several times during the evening resulting in a confrontation with Mr. Carter. An arrest with an explanation to a desk Sgt. And a revelation. Later that evening a new special friend helps him understand the true meaning of Christmas and offers him a future he could have never imagined.

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