He’s Not Adam

4F 2M
One Act Comedy
Unit Set
By Bob Rinfret

Laura Brown is looking forward to moving into her own apartment for the first time in her life… (Which is sad because she 30+). A teacher at a local High School, she managed to sub-let the apt. from another teacher ,who had to take a sudden sabbatical. However before she’s even un-packed there’s a knock on the door. It’s her Mother. Frantic that her “Baby” would venture out into the world alone, she does everything she can to convince Laura that this is not a good idea and that she has everything she needs at home. (Everything but privacy and a life, that is.) But Laura is determined, and goes ahead with the move. Not to be thwarted, her mother recruits two love struck teens, from Laura’s school, to intervene on her behalf. There is also another twist. A stranger who calls himself Mr. X, shows up looking for some “extracurricular” activity, that the other teacher provided. Dumbstruck, she tries to explain that she is not in the same business that her fellow teacher was. But Mr. X won’t take no for an answer. So now Laura has to deal with “Mr. X.” An overbearing mother and two teens that won’t go home all on the first day at her new apartment. Her solution is unique.

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