Transylvania Bed and Breakfast, Miami


3F 4M
Full Length Musical
Unit Set
By Laura Toffenetti and Janet Jungden

TRANSYLVANIA BED AND BREAKFAST, MIAMI takes place in the present in the Drawing Room of the B and B. Dracula (He’s not dead. How can one kill the immortal?) has left Transylvania to open a B and B in Miami. His powers have grown. So have his teeth. He lisps. He no longer drains his victims. He sips with no fatalities. Van Helsing, the new butler is determined to kill the Count. He discovers Dracula’s secret deadly phobia: flamingos. There’s a reporter, her photographer, a long lost love and an Occult Science Investigator. OSI is pounding on the door! He knows the secret! He enters… Dressed as a flamenco dancer! Whew!

$150 (per performance) Theater seats 0 – 100
$200 (per performance) Theater seats 101 – 200
$250 (per performance) Theater seats 200 +
$150 Per Performance (High School)
$500 Demos/Backing Tracks
$400 Score Rental


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