Kurves, The Musical

4F 4M
Full Length Musical
Unit Set
By Amy Shojai and Frank Steele

Meet Maxine, the cross-dressing owner of a run-down women’s gym–a safe hangout where friends gather to work on problem thighs and problem lives. Mabel is the many-times-married director of a soup kitchen. Mousy poetry teacher, Jane, wants to make an impression at her next high school reunion. And insecure newlywed, Ronnie, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but married the “town catch” and feels unworthy of his love.

Two inept small-time crooks throw curves into everyone’s lives when they break into the gym and hold up the women. Boots needs money to buy a cool car to attract that perfect lady–he can’t resist spouting pickup lines with each breath. Fingers quotes movies so he won’t sound dumb and guards his treasure-filled Superman lunchbox to avoid ridicule.

When a familiar-looking stranger arrives, Celia discovers a decades-old betrayal after the robbers break the key in the door and everyone gets locked inside. Tempers flare, romance blooms and secrets are confessed—Just why has Maxine/Max masqueraded as a woman for 30 years? Only the arrival of the “town catch” assistant district attorney, Troy, reveals the truth behind Max’s secret life.

$150 (per performance) Theater seats 0 – 100
$200 (per performance) Theater seats 101 – 200
$250 (per performance) Theater seats 201 +
$150 Per Performance (High School)
$400 Demos/Backing Tracks
$400 Score Rental


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