Going Home to Dixie


(10-11F 4-5M)
Full Length Musical
By Alicia Lane Dutton and Huff Croxton

Lucky, the flamboyant triple threat cosmetologist, wedding planner, and pageant coach, styles the hair of Magnolia Garden Club President, Evelyn Wellington. She announces that she will soon be throwing her son the finest engagement party the town has ever seen.

The small town of Gemini, Georgia is now all abuzz about home town boy Creighton Wellington’s betrothal to a pretentious, high society girl named Pamela. Creighton comes to town to visit and help Miss Evelyn plan the party.

Dixie, the owner of Dixie’s High Point of Beauty Hair Salon, sets aside appointments for the out of town guests. Her daughter, Brandy, Creighton’s high school sweetheart, also returns to Gemini to renovate her mother’s flamingo pink kitchen. As both Brandy and Creighton spend their nights at Frangelico’s bar reminiscing with old friends and each other, they begin to rekindle their fondness for one another. Sensing this, Miss Evelyn invites Creighton’s fiancé, “Pamela not Pam,” and her best friend, and sister to town to get to know everyone and assist with the party planning. Pamela feels that Creighton is getting cold feet and decides they should go ahead and get married, thus the engagement party becomes a wedding. The entire town becomes ensnared in the twists and tangles of old flames, late-night happenings at Fran’s Booze and Bands, and salon gossip. Then, what was to be a simple wedding, becomes a site of shocking confessions and surprises. Unit set of Bar/Beauty Shop with additional vignettes of a bench (on the town square), bench and two chairs (on Dixie’s porch/in her garden), wedding arch, fire pit (for the river scene).

  • $100 (per performance) Theater seats 0 – 1000
  •  Demos/Backing Tracks Provided
  • Email   AlabamaPlaywright@gmail.com


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