Christmas in Dixie Cast Requirements

Stephen: 20’s, Marine, nice guy, from New Orleans

Lance: 20’s, Marine, sarcastic, from Georgia

Savannah: 20’s, recent college graduate, sweet pageant girl

Ashley: 20’s, recent college graduate, strong willed pageant girl

Miss Margaret: 50’s-70’s, Proprietor of the new Lady Marmalade B & B

Dewayne: 30’s-70’s, Waffle Barn Manager/Cook

Harley: 20’s-30’s, Waffle Barn Waitress, confident

Earline: 40’s-60’s, seasoned Waffle Barn Waitress, wise

Ruby Sue: 40’s-60’s, pretentious, wealthy, sister to Bobby Lou

Bobby Lou: 40’s-60’s, salt of the earth, farmer, sister to Ruby Sue

Crawford: 20’s-30’s, new, young pastor

Marla Jean: 20’s, very pregnant, would be robber

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