Christmas in Dixie



Christmas in Dixie
4M 8F
Full Length Musical
Unit Set
By Alicia Lane Dutton

A snowstorm has stranded Ashley and Savannah, two pageant queens, at the Birmingham airport. Having missed the Miss Toyland pageant in Atlanta, they will now have to enter Miss Chicken Plucker in order to win enough money to pay for graduate school. Two Marines, home on leave, are also stranded and the last available lodging anywhere near Birmingham is a bed and breakfast in Bug Tussle, Alabama. After its eccentric owner has waited more than a year, The Lady Marmalade Bed Breakfast will finally have its first guests who throughout the course of their stay show that they aren’t afraid of armored vehicles, hors d’oeuvres hours featuring Elvis robes, pregnant armed robbers at The Waffle Barn, and helping out The First Hope of The Last Chance Baptist Church with the threatened cancellation of its Food Pantry PaLooza.
Stationary set – Waffle Barn Diner/The Lady Marmalade Bed and Breakfast dining room.

$150 (per performance) Theater seats 0 – 100
$200 (per performance) Theater seats 101 – 200
$250 (per performance) Theater seats 200 +
$150 Per Performance (High School)
$400 Music Rental  – Demos/Backing Tracks


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